46th WEFTA conference ••• 12-14 October 2016 ••• Split, Croatia

The organizers of the 46th WEFTA are West European Fish Technologists' Association (WEFTA) and Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb.


WEFTA logo WEFTA is a platform in Europe for institutes engaged in fish processing, food science, seafood technology, health effects seafood and consumer topics.
The story of WEFTA started back in 1970 when the initiative was taken to bring together (young) scientists from the various fish technology institutes to discuss research activities of common interest. Since then yearly meetings/conferences are organized. After 45 years of annual conferences, the 46th WEFTA conference is taking place in Croatia, a member of WEFTA since 2011.

The WEFTA award

Every year, at the conference dinner, the WEFTA award is presented. An annual award can be given by WEFTA to scientists who have contributed significantly and outstanding to the fields of seafood processing, seafood product development, seafood analytical methods, seafood safety, applied seafood science, seafood technology, seafood nutrition, aquaculture or consumer studies related to seafood.

The WEFTA award will be presented at the conference dinner (restaurant “Gusar” on Thursday, Oct 13) by the Chairperson of the Award Committee.

For more information on WEFTA, our previous conferences and terms on how to become a member please visit WEFTA webpage and FACEBOOK.

Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb

PBF logo Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology is a high education institution and the central place of academic education of experts in the fields of food technology, biotechnology and nutrition in the Republic of Croatia. At this institution studies of food technology, biotechnology and nutrition have been held for over 50 years through undergraduate and graduate study, specialist and PhD studies which makes this faculty the leading high education institution in this area and in Europe.
Along with all compulsory study courses and other accompanying curricular activities our Faculty is engaged in related research and development activities. The research in the field of fish and fishery products covers various quality and safety aspects of wild and cultivated fish.

For more information visit http://www.pbf.unizg.hr/en/



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