46th WEFTA conference ••• 12-14 October 2016 ••• Split, Croatia


Pre-reserved rooms are available at the hotels listed in our online reservation form.
Approximate walking distances from the conference hotel “Park”/ from the city centre ("Riva" - Split's promenade):

Since October is still high season in Split, we encourage you to make your accommodation booking as soon as possible, until the 1st of May 2016.

STUDENTS: If you are looking for more affordable accommodation options, our advice would be to book apartments located in a city centre with prices between 70-90 EUR per night per apartment (this option is not available through online reservation form)

     Student Party (Oct 12, Thursday), more information here

     Conference Dinner (Oct 13, Thursday)

Hotel Park

The Conference Dinner will be held at the restaurant “Gusar”.

There also will be an award ceremony, where the winner of the WEFTA Award will be announced. About the WEFTA award, go to Organizing and Committees.



Price: 40 EURO (before July 27) / 50 EURO (after July 27)

To sign up for this event, go to online reservation form.

     Pirate event in Omiš and Cetina river* (Oct 14, Friday afternoon)

Hotel Park

Program of the trip:

  • Gathering in front of the hotel “Park”
  • A half-hour bus drive from Split to Omiš

Omiš is a small Central Dalmatian town and harbour located 25 km south of Split, situated in the mouth of the Cetina river, surrounded with massive gorges. In the past Omiš was known for the pirates of Omiš whose ships were a centuries-long symbol of retaliation, courage and strength.

See more about Omiš at: http://www.omisinfo.com/

  • A half-hour boat ride on the Cetina river to the Kaštil Slanica restaurant
  • Encounter with pirates on the Cetina river
  • A rich pirate early dinner in the Kaštil Slanica restaurant
  • Entertainment with live music
Price: 57 EURO (before July 27) / 67 EURO (after July 27)

*This event requires a minimum number of participants. In case of low interest or bad weather, a guided trip to Trogir will be organized. See more about Trogir at: http://www.trogironline.com/

To sign up for this event, go to online reservation form.

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